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15 March 2019The Sistine Chapel Before and After Michelangelo’s Ceiling
25 February 2019Four Great 20th Century British Artists
30 November 2018Decadents, Symbolists and Realists (c. 1870 - 1900)
23 November 2018Art and Literature Entwined: Book Illustrations from Albrecht Durer to Arthur Rackham
15 November 2018Romance Literature and the Arts of the Middle Ages
09 November 2018Art and Literature in the Florence of Lorenzo the Magnificent
02 November 2018Art and Literature in Russian Society
14 May 2018Scandinavian Glass of the 20th Century
09 March 2018Nordic Spirit: Grieg, Ibsen and Munch
26 February 2018The Splendours of Scandinavian Art
01 December 2017Between the Far East and Europe: the Islamic world as an artistic source and cultural conduit.
24 November 2017The Triumph of the Arts over Politics and Religion in the Age of Reformation and Counter Reformation
16 November 2017From East to West and Back again: Cultural Exchange in the Middle Ages
10 November 2017The Bauhaus and Beyond: The Arts in Europe Between the World Wars
03 November 2017Art Nouveau from St Petersburg to Mexico City: Art for the People

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The Sistine Chapel Before and After Michelangelo’s Ceiling James Lindow Friday 15 March 2019

Creacion de Adam


Venue:The Walton Suite, Guildhall, Winchester, SO23 9GH

Time: 10:00 for coffee, lectures run 10:30 – 15:00

Cost:  £38 (includes coffee/tea, buffet lunch and a glass of wine)


While the Sistine Chapel is synonymous with Michelangelo, what is not so familiar is the contribution made by other contemporary artists to its decoration. During the 1480s Pope Sixtus lV commissioned a team of Florentine artists to decorate the newly built chapel with scenes from the Lives of Christ and Moses. After Michelangelo had finished the ceiling for Pope Julius ll (1508-12) his successor Pope Leo X commissioned Raphael in 1515 to ‘complete’ the chapel by designing tapestry cartoons to hang beneath the earlier frescoes. This lecture examines these less familiar contributions, setting them within the context of their respective patrons’ tastes and the Chapel’s unique position as the centre of the Catholic Church.


James Lindow PhD

James was the first Renaissance PhD from the Royal College of Art and the V&A. He has convened and presented at international conferences, lectures widely in the UK and overseas and is currently a fine art underwriter in the City. He has written articles on diverse aspects of the Renaissance, and his book entitled The Renaissance Palace in Florence: Magnificence and Splendour in Fifteenth-Century Italywas published by Ashgate Press in 2007 to widespread critical acclaim.


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